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Once Again, Medicaid: Debating N.H.'s Expansion Program

Feb 2, 2016

As the sunset for New Hampshire's Medicaid expansion approaches, state legislators are debating how best, or whether, to extend the program. And while the prospect of dropping 47,000 Granite Staters who receive this coverage is daunting, some lawmakers are worried about how to fund it when federal support decreases.


  • Frank Edelblut - Republican representative from Wilton.
  • Joe Lachance - Republican state representative from Manchester. He is a sponsor of HB1696, which would modify and extend the current Medicaid expansion program.
  • Steve Norton - executive director of the New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies.
  • Cindy Rosenwald - Democratic state representative from Nashua. She is a sponsor of HB1690, which would extend the current expansion program.

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Here's an overview of New Hampshire's current expanded Medicaid program, and where things could be heading: