An Octopus Can Be Your Friend; Animal Minds, Where To Spot a Moose, And Liz Longley

Oct 13, 2017

Elizabeth Marshall Thomas and Sy Montgomery's 30-plus year friendship began with a ferret bite. Since then, the pair of New Hampshire-based naturalists and science writers have traveled together from Costa Rica to Tanzania.  

Their new book is called Tamed and Untamed, a collection of essays from their long-time Boston Globe column of the same name.  On this episode, Sy and Liz share scientific findings and personal viewpoints that argue the line between human and animal is blurrier than you might think. 

Also in this episode: Where to look for moose in New Hampshire, and singer-songwriter Liz Longley

  •  Sy Montgomery and Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, authors of Tamed and Untamed: Close Encounters of the Animal Kind.  You can find a list of upcoming author events here
  • You Asked, We Answered: Where Can I See A Moose? 
  • Singer-Songwriter Liz Longley. There's more information about her upcoming performance at the Tupelo Music Hall here