Number Of Housing Permits Granted In N.H. Rose Steadily in 2018

Dec 25, 2019

Credit ULI Terwilliger Center for Housing / Flickr/CC

Permits to build single-family homes and multi-family units in New Hampshire increased last year according to a report from the state’s Office of Strategic Initiatives.

Last year, close to 4,300 units were permitted, making 2018 the year with most number of units permitted since 2008.

Ken Gallager is principal planner at the Office of Strategic Initiatives and authored the report. He says growth has been consistent in the last decade but, he says, while that’s an increase, “we’re not seeing the growth that we were seeing even as recently as the early 2000s and certainly before that.”

About 2,000 of those were multi-family units. That’s about 400 more multi-family units than in 2017, Gallager says.

“What we’re seeing is it’s a small number of communities where you’re getting a lot of this activity with multi-family going on and they tend to be the larger ones,” he says.