NPR's Clock Changes: Morning Edition's New Sound Means More New Hampshire News

Nov 12, 2014

NHPR's Morning Edition and All Things Considered broadcast studio in Concord.
Credit NHPR Staff

Beginning Monday, November 17, you may notice some changes to your favorite NHPR newsmagazines (particularly Morning Edition) as NPR implements some long-planned changes to its program clock.

The biggest change you’ll hear is more newscasts. Instead of two newscasts at the top and the bottom of each hour ("radio speak" for a minute past and thirty minutes past), you’ll now hear three NPR national newscasts (at :01, :19, and :42 minutes past the hour) and four NHPR local newscasts (at :04, :20, :30, and :43 minutes past the hour).

With these additional newscasts, you’re certain to be up to date on the latest news, no matter what time you tune in!

The new program clocks will also allow NHPR greater flexibility to integrate more locally produced New Hampshire news features produced by the award-winning NHPR news team into both Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

Here is what a typical hour of Morning Edition will now sound like:

01:00          NPR Newscast                                                                                                

04:00          NHPR Newscast & Weather                                                                                   

07:00          Morning Edition                                                                                                         

19:00          NPR Newscast

20:30          NHPR Newscast & Weather                                                                                   

23:00          Morning Edition

30:00          NHPR Newscast & Weather

33:00          Morning Edition

42:00          NPR Newscast

43:30          NHPR Newscast & Weather

45:00          Morning Edition

50:00          New Hampshire Weather

51:00          Morning Edition

While a number of changes are happening Monday, many of your favorite segments - including Frank DeFord’s Wednesday morning commentaries, Friday’s morning’s installment of StoryCorps, and the daily Marketplace Morning Report - will continue to be heard as usual.

We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback about the changes! Please feel free to email your comments to me at or call me at 603-223-2490.