Northern Pass Insists It Has New Route But Again Declines To Say Where It Is

May 2, 2013

Northeast Utilities, the parent company of the Northern Pass project, did not announce a new route during a conference call with analysts Thursday morning. 

NHPR’s Chris Jensen listened in and has this report.

Late last year Northern Pass officials said they finally had a new route through the North Country.

But they said they weren’t ready to disclose it.

Then, at the end of March officials basically said the same thing.

And during an analysts’ call Thursday Northeast Utilities official Lee Olivier said the route would still not be publicly released.

“We have decided to continue our work on building support for the new route to ensure it is the best possible proposal for New Hampshire.”

Olivier said Northern Pass is still considering “various options” to address concerns about scenic views.

“We believe it is in the best interest of land owners, communities and all stakeholders for us to continue to take the time now to consider these various options and refinements.”

Officials say they hope to reveal the route in July with the project operational by the middle of 2017. Originally the estimate was 2015.

The delay has increased skepticism on the part of some opponents who insist the utility is still struggling to find a route through Northern Coos.

For NHPR News this is Chris Jensen