Northern Pass: DOE Releases Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement on Burial of Lines

Nov 12, 2015

A map from the environment impact statement appendix

 The Department of Energy on Thursday released a supplemental environmental impact statement on Northern Pass’ plan to bury an additional 52 miles of its 192-mile route. The federal agency also said it would hold three public hearings on the 36-page document next month.

Opponents of Northern Pass asked the DOE to do an additional environmental impact statement on the route change – announced in August - because it was not included in the agency’s original draft Environmental Impact Statement.

Previously Northern Pass said it would bury about eight miles in Northern Coos County.

The hearings will be held December 15th in Whitefield, December 16th in Concord and December 17th in Plymouth. Northern Pass is proposing to bury the line alongside highways from Bethlehem to Bridgewater.