North Country Natives Celebrate Culture Through Music

Dec 28, 2013

 The Great North Woods Committee for the Arts enriches north country life by bringing authentic music and culture to local venues. Quebec native, Alice Carlson, grew up listening to traditional folklore music.

“My husband and I have been traveling these past ten years, and we are always curious about the folklore [of the northeast].” Carlson was thrilled to hear of concerts in Berlin. “We started going and got hooked.  Then we found out that it was starting in Colebrook, and when we went the first time it was a big, string-instrument orchestra. It was awesome. We have been coming pretty faithfully, and we really enjoy it.”

Carlson longs for more young people and families to attend these concerts to help tap into their heritage. “It’s very nice to see the young adults, and I think it is a good way to keep the roots of our ancestors. I wish that more youth would come with their parents because it is really not expensive,” Carlson said.

For Carlson and many others in the north country community, the shows are a time of remembering heritage, finding new “family,” and having fun. “The more I come, the more I see the place getting full. More people are talking about it. I hope that it is here to stay, and I would be very sad if it is not. For me, I will always love that music.”