Nonprofit That Sold Raffle Tickets Wasn't Registered Charity

Jun 27, 2016


New Hampshire Attorney General Joe Foster

The New Hampshire attorney general's office is reminding consumers that nonprofit charitable groups have to register with the state, after getting complaints about a group selling raffle tickets.

The Charitable Trust Unit says people bought tickets from a nonprofit called Smile God Loves U Foundation, which said it was helping people get treatment for heroin addiction. It wasn't registered.

It sold tickets to benefit a substance abuse treatment center. A $50 ticket offered a chance to win two snowmobiles with a trailer or $12,500.

There was no drawing. The attorney general's office suggests that ticket buyers contact the organization for a refund.

The group, shown as dissolved on the Secretary of State's website, is listed in Hopkinton with a contact of William Morello. A phone number was disconnected.