With No Shark in Sight, Swimmers Back in the Water

Jul 10, 2012

Beachgoers in the Town of Rye were cleared from the water on Monday. A swimmer spotted two sharks estimated at six feet in length.

Amy Bassett with New Hampshire Parks says the sighting can’t be verified, but that lifeguards acted appropriately in clearing the water.

"When somebody makes that claim, you’re gonna take it with all seriousness."

Dave Cropper isn’t all that concerned. He owns Cinnamon Rainbows surf shop in Hampton.

"Yeah, we’re surfing today. We do lessons and stuff, we are in the water every day. I mean, we are in the water all day every summer for twenty plus years, and we’re yet to have someone say they saw something."

On Saturday, a New Hampshire man kayaking off of Cape Cod had a run-in with a Great White. Images show the shark’s dorsal fin just a few yards behind the boat.