No Child Left Behind Withdrawal Stalls in NH House

Feb 8, 2012

The New Hampshire House voted to put off making a final decision on a pair of bills that would withdraw the state from No Child Left Behind, and forego $61.6 million dollars in federal funding.

House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt from Salem cited the lost money as he urged collegues to table the bills.

"There are significant and justifiable concerns about withdrawing from this program," Bettencourt said, "concerns regarding the potential loss of significant federal funds currently being received by our local school districts."

The bulk of the funds go to low-income students and students studying English as a second language.

The law has never been popular with educators, who have criticized its strict testing standards.

 The House could still act on the bills, but if it does not vote before Feb. 16 the House will require a two-thirds majority.