As N.H.'s School Voucher Debate Heats Up, New Analysis Adds Context

Oct 30, 2017

Credit evmaiden via Flickr Creative Commons

Debate about a controversial school voucher bill is again heating up.

The bill would create a type of universal school voucher system in the state, where parents could take their children out of public school and then spend the tax dollars that would’ve gone to that public school on other educational purposes. Things like private school tuition or home school supplies.

The proposal got a lot of attention during the last legislative session, pitting school choice advocates against public school supporters. It was ultimately tabled over concerns about its legality.

Now, as lawmakers put the final touches on a revised version of the bill, a new analysis shows its potential financial impact.

According to the report from the Concord-based non-profit Reaching Higher, if just 1 percent of students took of advantage of the voucher program, public schools across the state could lose over 6 million dollars. According to the report, that’s equivalent to the salary of about 111 teachers.

The next hearing on the bill is scheduled for November 8th.