N.H.'s First Donor Milk Dispensary to Open in Belmont

Nov 30, 2018

The non-profit Mothers' Milk Bank Northeast provides donated, pasteurized human milk to babies in fragile health.
Credit Mothers' Milk Bank

The state’s first donor breast milk dispensary is scheduled to open at the Belmont Medical Center next week.

The new donor milk dispensary will operate like a pharmacy for mothers and babies who have a donor milk prescription.

Naomi Bar-Yam is executive director of Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast, which is partnering with LRGHealthcare to launch the dispensary. She says while donor milk is currently available at hospitals and by direct mail, the dispensary will address the need for mothers who need donor milk on short notice.

“If you need something more short-term or if you need your milk on a Friday and we can’t get to you until a Monday, it allows the moms to get the milk that they need more quickly.”

She also says her organization has seen a growing demand for donor milk in recent years.

“People who are trying to breastfeed, who are bringing in their milk supply and working on that want the gap of what they are producing from what the baby is taking to be made up in human milk and not in formula.”

The dispensary is holding an opening ceremony next week.