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NHPR - Working for You, in a Different World

Mar 20, 2020

As our state, our country and the world confront the coronavirus pandemic, NHPR is committed to  bringing you the latest information and serving as a vital community resource and virtual gathering spot.

Our newsroom team is covering the coronavirus story from all angles as this public health crisis quickly unfolds. NHPR is your source for timely, contextual information, as well as the latest national and global news from partners like NPR and the BBC. Tune in each weekday morning from 5 to 9 a.m. for Morning Edition, and afternoons from 4 to 6 p.m. for All Things Considered. We have also expanded our daily newscasts; catch developments each weekday at the top of the hour at 10 and 11 a.m., 12 noon, and afternoons at 1, 2, and 3 p.m.

Our reporters are exploring new ways of telling stories – expect more digital coverage, more 2-way interviews on-air or the use of Facebook Live, and more use of remote technologies.

A fast-moving story like this has so many dimensions - both public and private, official and personal. Connecting with you, and with our extended community of listeners throughout all walks of life, throughout every corner of the state, is so important. We want to hear your personal anecdotes, your concerns, and how you’re adjusting to life in a new world. We want to hear about other stories we may want to explore. Here are two ways you can immediately lend your voice to the conversation:

  • SEND us your story ideas and tips, and tell us what you want to hear from us about coronavirus through our online survey.
  • RECORD your stories. We want to hear your stories of how the coronavirus outbreak is affecting your life...from work to home to kids. Record a short voice memo on your phone, include your name and town, and then email it to coronavirus@nhpr.org.

On the operations side – to protect the health of our employees and the collective public health, NHPR will primarily be working as a fully functioning remote organization in the weeks to come. Like many organizations who have made this decision, we’ll be working through finding the best solutions to conduct our business and maintain our service – uninterrupted and up to our always high standards.

As a public-facing organization with a deep commitment to public service, our staff will continue to keep in regular touch with partners, stakeholders, listeners, and supporters. Our underwriters, our marketing team, and our fundraisers will continue to work with partners, answer public queries, and explore new ways of accomplishing our shared goals.

Our schedule of community events is on hold indefinitely, and the choice of when to resume will be assessed regularly. But know that whether it’s an “Exchange on the Road”, “Justice and Journalism”, or “Live from Studio D”, we look forward to resuming our robust calendar of community engagements – gatherings that allow us to share ideas and knowledge and bring people together.

As daily routines change and the normal rhythms of our lives in New Hampshire enter a new reality, NHPR is still accessible and here for you. Access us everywhere from your home: turn on the radio, go to our website or direct your smart speaker to play N-H-P-R. And know that in a confusing and unprecedented time, we’re committed to bringing you the vital information and context you need.

In addition, here are other ways you can best shape your listening and viewing experience:

LISTEN on-air anytime. You can also catch our livestream from the web.

VISIT nhpr.org for a live blog of news updates, answers to frequently asked questions, and the latest information from state and federal public health officials. Bookmark our coronavirus coverage link and stay up to date.

FOLLOW us on social media - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

TELL your smart speaker to “Play N-H-P-R”.

DOWNLOAD our app on your mobile phone.

SIGN UP  for regular e-newsletter updates for coronavirus coverage, and other New Hampshire news. For the time being, our e-newsletter is going to a more frequent distribution model. Look for near-daily updates.

STAY TUNED for special programming changes and additions to our program lineup. Listeners can access the schedule anytime at nhpr.org/schedule, or look for program alerts or notices on social media. Descriptions of all of NHPR's programs can be found on our program page here.

JOIN the conversation. Tune into The Exchange weekdays live at 9 a.m. and rebroadcast again at 7 p.m. As New Hampshire’s only locally produced, statewide call-in talk show, The Exchange will continue to be the place for timely, in-depth conversation and context. To protect the health of our employees and the collective public health, most of our guests will now be joining us via call-in. Phone in during the live show at 1-800-892-6477. You can also reach the show by email at exchange@nhpr.org, follow on Twitter or Instagram, or send a message to the show Facebook page. [NOTE: The Exchange is also available as a podcast. Click here to get it on Apple Podcasts or click here to find it on Stitcher). 

CALL-IN. Our new, live program New Hampshire Calling offers a space for the New Hampshire community to connect with NHPR reporters, and with each other. The program airs live four nights a week, Monday to Thursday from 7 to 8 p.m. each evening. To participate, listeners can call 603-513-7700, or email at: nhcalling@nhpr.org. The program will remain on the schedule indefinitely, as NHPR continues to report on the coronavirus pandemic and how it evolves in New Hampshire.

SHARE with us. For general NHPR inquiries, send an email to: communications@nhpr.org

SUPPORT the journalism that makes all these resources possible. You can give online at nhpr.org/donate.

Finally, thank you to our community of listeners. From the Canadian border, to the Seacoast, to the Connecticut River Valley, and  to all points in between and beyond our borders -- it is our privilege to serve you and bring you valuable information and meaningful context during this critical time. 


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