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NHPR Folk Music and Dance Calendar 1.8.17

Jan 8, 2017

Every Monday

>>>Wild Eagles Blues Jam at the Stone Church ~ Newmarket, NH ~ 7:30pm ~ www.stonechurchrocks.com

>>>Hootenanny at the Salt Hill Pub ~ HanoverNH ~ 6pm ~ www.salthillpub.com

>>>Bluegrass Jam at McNeill’s Brewery ~ Brattleboro, VT ~ 8:30pm ~ jrbenjamin@gmail.com

Every Tuesday

>>>Bluegrass Jam at the Stone Church ~ Newmarket, NH ~ 9pm ~ www.stonechurchrocks.com           

>>>Celtic Music Jam at Harlow’s Pub ~ Peterborough, NH ~ 7:30pm ~ 603-924-6365, www.harlowspub.com

Every Wednesday

>>>Celtic & Old Timey Music Jam at DelRossi’s ~ Dublin, NH ~ 6pm ~ www.delrossis.com  603-563-7195

>>>The Squid Jiggers at Bull Feeney’s ~ Portland, ME ~ 8pm ~ 207-773-7210

Every Thursday

>>>Live Irish Music(Family Friendly) w/Various Musicians including Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki and Jim Prendergast  at the Stone Church ~ Newmarket, NH ~ 6pm ~ www.stonechurchrocks.com

>>>Bluegrass Jam at Harlow’s Pub ~ Peterborough, NH ~ 8pm ~ 603-924-6365, www.harlowspub.com

>>>Traditional Irish Set at the Salt Hill Pub ~ Newport, NH ~ 6pm ~ www.salthillpub.com

Every Saturday & Sunday

>>>Open Irish Session at Beara Irish Brewing Company  ~ Portsmouth, NH ~ 2-7pm ~ 857-342-8272, www.bearairishbrew.com



Thursday, January 12

>>>Charlie Farren, NH Singer Songwriter Series, 7 p.m. 42 South Street, Milford; 781) 350-4574

Friday, January, 13

>>>Dietrich Strause and The Blue Ribbons will be performing together at Riverwalk Cafe & Music Hall in Nashua, NH.


                                      Saturday, January 14

>>>Leo Kottke and Keller Williams, Colonial Theater, Keene, 352-2033

<<< Songs of farming and the seasons Come listen and sing in harmony So your soul won’t have to be so lonely. And all of life sings like a tune, It sounds so sweet and ends too soon. You'd better rosin up your bow, Before it's time to go. So mark your memory and your calendar… 7:00 pm New England Youth Theater …To benefit Angels in the Wings (NEYT scholarships) Info: Jay Bailey- 254-9067, Andy Davis - 257-1918

<<< Get Up Stand Up: An evening of music with Blackjack Crossing, The Otherwise, Elliot Street Alibi,  6 to 10 p.m. at 118 Elliot Street, Brattleboro (Hosted by Blackjack Crossing)

Tuesday, January 17

>>>Richard Wood & Gordon Belsher at One Longfellow Square ~ Portland, ME  ~ 7pm ~ 207-761-1757, https://onelongfellowsquare.com

Wednesday, January 18

>>>Richard Wood & Gordon Belsher at Green Church ~ Mexico, ME ~ 7pm ~ 207-562-4445, www.necelticarts.com

Thursday, January 19

>>>Richard Wood & Gordon Belsher at Old South Church ~ Farmington, ME ~ 7pm ~ 207-299-3686, www.necelticarts.com

Friday, January 20

>>>Richard Wood & Gordon Belsher at chocolate Church ~ Bath, ME ~ 7:30pm ~ 207-442-8455, http://chocolatechurcharts.org

>>> The Bomadils, Andover Community Coffeehouse, 7 p.m., Andover, NH; http://www.andovercoffeehouse.org/

Saturday, January 21

>>>Bennett & Perkins at the Fitzwilliam Inn ~ Fitzwilliam, NH ~ 7pm ~ www.bennettandperkins.com

>>>The Bombadils (French Canadian) at the Country Club ~ Colebrook, NH 603-246-8998, www.gnwca.org

>>>Rani Arbo and daisy mayhem, Bass Hall, Peterborough, 7:30 p.m.; 827-2905; http://pfmsconcerts.org/

                              Thursday, January 26

>>>Birds and Beans Coffeehouse, featuring Peggo and Paul Hodes with Kent Allyn, 7 to 8:45 at the NH Audubon Society McLane Center, 84 Silk Farm Road, Concord, NH 603-224-9909, ext. 313

                              Saturday, January 28

>>>Northern Roots Festival, featuring workshops and performances by the Gawler Family, Anna Patton, Matt and Shannon Heaton and more…http://www.bmcvt.org/northern-roots-festival (Festival begins at noon)

Saturday, February 4

>>>Catie Curtis at the Linden Tree Coffeehouse ~ Wakefield, MA ~ 8pm ~ www.lindentreecoffeehouse.org 781-246-2836

Friday, February 24

>>>Paul Amey & The Parker Hill Road Band (Bluegrass) at the Country Club ~ Colebrook, NH 603-246-8998, www.gnwca.org

Sunday, February 26

>>>Bennett & Perkins at the Tamworth Lyceum ~ Tamworth, NH ~ 12:30pm ~ www.bennettandperkins.com

Friday, March 17

>>>Islay Mist Celidh at the Country Club ~ Colebrook, NH 603-246-8998, www.gnwca.org

Saturday, March 18

>>>Greg Greenway & Reggie Harris at the Linden Tree Coffeehouse ~ Wakefield, MA ~ 8pm ~ www.lindentreecoffeehouse.org 781-246-2836


Note: Most dance locations require clean soft-soled shoes and do not allow street shoes. Partners not required.

Every Monday

>>>Contra dance w/ various Callers & Musicians at the Town Hall, Nelson, NH, 8PM, 603-827-3044 or www.monadnockfolk.org  

>>>Clogging  at Dance In Motion Dance Studio ~ Randolph, Vt. ~ 6:45 PM, workshop 6:00 PM ~ 802-522-2935, Greenmtnclogger@aol.com

Every Wednesday

>>>Scottish Country Dance /w Loren Wright leading at The Church of the Good Shepherd ~ Nashua, NH ~ 7:00 PM ~ 603-891-2331 or nashuascd@comcast.net

>>>Scottish Country Dance /w Bernard McGrath leading at The Westminster Center School ~ Westminster, Vt ~ 7:30 PM ~ 603-352-9371 or 802-463-3078

>>>Contradance at the Richard W. Black Center, Hanover, NH, 7 PM,  781-385-1480

>>>Line Dancing at the Gilford Public Library ~ Gilford, NH ~ 9am ~ 603-524-6042

Every Friday

>>>Scottish Country Dance at The Community Parish House ~ Greenland, NH ~ 8:00 PM ~ 603-773-9795 or ljstravel@attibi.com

Every Saturday

>>>Contra Square Dance at the Tamworth Townhouse ~  Tamworth, NH ~ 8 PM ~ July & August ~ 603-323-8023

Every Sunday

>>>Circle Dance at Neskaya ~ Franconia, NH ~ 3:30pm ~ www.neskaya.com  603-823-5828

>>>Line Dancing at the Starr King Unitarian Meeting House ~ Plymouth, NH ~ 4pm ~ 603-536-1179

Thursday, January 12

>>>Circle Dancing  at 7:30 p.m. at the Milford Unitarian Church . Every dance is taught and beginners are welcome. No partners needed. Contact is Mary Kuhn and her phone number is 603-487-2732. Email maryfloyd@mfire.com

>>>Contradance  at the Guiding Star Grange ~ Greenfield, MA ~ 8pm ~  802-451-0822, www.guidingstargrange.org

Friday, January 13

>>>Scottish Country Dance at The Unitarian Church ~ Keene, NH ~ 7:30 PM ~ 603-352-3237 or tantrim@keene.edu not in June, July, or August

>>>Contradance at the Londonderry Senior Center, Londonderry, NH, 8pm, 603-529-1586, Email:weareampm@gsinet.net

>>>Contradance at the Edmunds Middle School ~ Burlington, VT ~ 8pm ~ 802-496-2523 www.queencitycontras.org

>>>Contradance  at the Guiding Star Grange ~ Greenfield, MA ~ 8pm ~  802-451-0822, www.guidingstargrange.org

Saturday, January 14

>>>Contradance  at the Guiding Star Grange, Greenfield, MA, 8pm, 413-369-4369, www.guidingstargrange.org

>>>Contra at Old Town Hall ~ Gilmanton, NH .~ 8:00 PM ~ 603-267-7227

>>>Contra at The First Unitarian Society ~ Exeter, NH ~ 8:00 PM with workshop at 


Snow Ball, Peterborough Town House; www.monadnockfolk.org

>>>Tin Mountain Conservation Center, 1245 Bald Hill Road, Albany, NH. Music by The Fiddlin’ Thomsons, ccalling by Don Heinold.   Acoustic musicians welcome to sit in. Admission remains $7 adults, $3 children under twelve, maximum$15 families.   Please call 603 539-1967 for more information.

(There will be no potluck this season, but light snacks will be provided.  If you do plan to bring along food to share with others, the dance planners ask that you label it clearly with all ingredients to inform those with food sensitivities and allergies)


First Saturday dance with be 2/4/17, Steve Zakon-Anderson calling with local young musicians Liz and Dan Faiella, Peterborough Town House;  www.monadnockfolk.org