NHPR 2020 Edward R. Murrow Awards Submission (For 2019) – Overall Excellence | New Hampshire Public Radio

NHPR 2020 Edward R. Murrow Awards Submission (For 2019) – Overall Excellence

Feb 14, 2020

Presidential politics, dogsled racing, mental health reform, Lyme disease, modern day witches: NHPR covered it all in 2019. Our newsroom’s goal is to tell the New Hampshire story with ambition, creativity, and attention to the needs and interests of our audience. We feel our Overall Excellence submission for the Edward R. Murrow Awards captures that effort, and provides a sense of what it was like to live through a year of news in the Granite State.

Audio submission:

Audio rundown with digital story links:

News features, breaking news, continuing coverage

Nearly 70 people were arrested during a protest at a coal-fired power plant in Bow, New Hampshire in September, 2019.
Credit Annie Ropeik | NHPR

Held For 20 Days: How N.H.'s Shortage Of Mental Health Beds Erodes Patients' Rights by Jason Moon (audio and print)

Dozens Arrested At Protest Outside New England's Largest Coal Power Plant by Annie Ropeik (audio, print, and photos)

Poor? Found Not Guilty? N.H. Sends You a Bill, Anyway by Todd Bookman (audio, print, and photos)

With State Budget in Limbo, Berlin Braces For More Cuts To Already Strapped Schools by Sarah Gibson (audio, print, and photos)

Political coverage – Features, interviews, policy explainers

Elizabeth Warren and Laura Knoy at an NHPR 2020 Candidate Forum in October.
Credit Dan Tuohy | NHPR

Four Years After N.H. Win, Sanders Hopes Consistency Carries The Day in 2020 by Josh Rogers (audio, print, with photos by Dan Tuohy and Allegra Boverman)

2020 Candidate Forum - Elizabeth Warren (Excerpt features news broken by NHPR) by Casey McDermott, The Exchange, NHPR Digital (video & photos)

2020 Candidate Forum - Pete Buttigieg (Excerpt features news broken by NHPR) by Lauren Chooljian, The Exchange, NHPR Digital (video & photos)

Tired of Campaign 'Manipulation' N.H. Voters Get Trained in the Art of the Bird Dog by Jason Moon (audio, print, and photos)

Where They Stand: Comparing The 2020 Democrats' Climate Change Proposals by Annie Ropeik (audio, print, and photos), with digital interactive by Sara Plourde

Where They Stand: As Presidential Hopefuls Talk Addiction, N.H.'s Experience Is At Forefront by Sarah Gibson (audio and print), with digital interactive by Sara Plourde, photo by Dan Tuohy.

Fun features

NHPR's Rick Ganley kicked of the summer series Exploring Route 4 by taking an audio tour with the top down.
Credit Dan Tuohy | NHPR

Summer Series Kickoff: A Road Trip On Route 4 Through The Heart Of New Hampshire by Rick Ganley, Mary McIntyre, and Dan Tuohy (photos)

A Night At Route 4's Rainbow Cottages On Harvey Lake by Sarah Gibson, Annie Ropeik (audio, print, and photos)

Digital: Exploring Route 4 Series page, with digital interactive by Sara Plourde

You Asked, We Answered: Are There Modern Witches In New Hampshire? by Justine Paradise and Tricia Peone (Note: This is part of a 3-part multiplatform series, which you can find here.)

Wind, Footsteps, White Snow: Spending The Night At Mount Washington's Harvard Cabin by Sean Hurley (audio, print, and photos)

At Tamworth Sled Dog Race, Dogs & Mushers Enjoy a Winter Classic While it Lasts by Jason Moon (audio and print)

Podcast journalism

Patient Zero host and producer Taylor Quimby suited up for a day in the field with Lyme disease researchers.
Credit Taylor Quimby | NHPR

Stranglehold - Episode 1: The Guardian by Lauren Chooljian and Jack Rodolico, with digital elements by NHPR Digital and Sara Plourde (Note: See podcast website with additional episodes here)

Patient Zero – Episode 1: The Triangle by Taylor Quimby, with digital graphics by Sara Plourde (Note: See podcast website with additional episodes and digital elements here)

Civics 101: How to Run for President by Nick Capodice and Hannah McCarthy (Note: See podcast website, which contains digital resources, quizzes, educational materials and more)

Outside/In: Plan B by Sam Evans-Brown (Note: See podcast website with additional episodes here)

Bear Brook – Episode 7: The In Between by Jason Moon and Taylor Quimby (Note: Click here to see NHPR’s news coverage of the break in the case featured in this episode, with photos by Ali Oshinskie)

NHPR newscast from October 22, 2019 - by Rick Ganley and Mary McIntyre, NHPR News

Digital-first content (Note – most of the stories linked above contain digital-first and digital-only supplemental content)


Elevator pitches: Andrew YangPete ButtigiegElizabeth Warren by Dan Tuohy

Candidate forums: Andrew YangPete ButtigiegElizabeth Warren by Rebecca Lavoie

Digital-first investigative

In Votes At N.H. State House, Lawmakers' Personal and Public Interests Often Overlap by Casey McDermott

Even When N.H. Lawmakers File Financial Disclosures, Details Are Spotty by Casey McDermott

What Counts As A Campaign Expense? For Some Lawmakers, It Includes Flowers and Dry Cleaning by Casey McDermott