N.H. Voter Rules and Residency Requirements

Feb 29, 2016

A video claiming to reveal fraud on primary day has re-energized calls for voters to spend a certain amount of time living here before casting a ballot.  But the devil's in the details; such as how long is long enough, how to verify someone's identity and address, and the difference between "domicile" and "residency."


  • Rep. David Bates, Republican representative from Windham, and sponsor of a bill seeking to make a constitutional amendment about a residency requirement for voting in New Hampshire.
  • Rep. Wayne Burton, Democratic representative from Durham, and member of the House Election Law Committee.
  • David Scanlan, New Hampshire's Deputy Secretary of State.


  • Wendy Underhill, policy analyst for the National Conference of State Legislatures. She manages NCSL's elections team.

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