In N.H., This Time As A Candidate, Weld Rails Against Trump On Foreign Policy

Apr 17, 2019

Bill Weld, shown here signing Politics & Eggs mementos earlier this year, launched his campaign this week for the GOP nomination for President.
Credit Lauren Chooljian / NHPR

Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld says the country needs a foreign policy that doesn't change with the president's mood swings.


Weld announced this week he’s officially challenging President Donald Trump in the 2020 Republican primary.


In a speech Tuesday at Southern New Hampshire University, Weld railed against President Trump, saying the president's America First slogan reminded him of dictators like Adolf Hitler.


Weld also called for free and fair trade, and he called China and Russia authoritarian regimes.


And he flaunted the personal connections he says he has, like, when asked for his position on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's plan to annex the West Bank.


"I’ve known Bibi for a long time (since he was married to Fern). I used to go bar hopping with him and Danny Meridor when they were in their 20s," he said.


Weld also campaigned in a few classic New Hampshire diners - and plans to attend a house party in Windham tonight.