N.H. Supreme Court Hears Case On Bail Reform Statute | New Hampshire Public Radio

N.H. Supreme Court Hears Case On Bail Reform Statute

Oct 16, 2019


As lawmakers and law enforcement consider potential changes to the state's bail system, New Hampshire's courts are also deciding how to interpret the existing bail reform law.

The New Hampshire Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday in the case State vs. Christina A. Hill at Windham High School.

Students were invited to watch the hearing as part of the court’s “On the Road” series.

The defendant, Christina Hill, was detained before trial because she could not afford $25,000 in bail. The state argues the judge was allowed to set Hill's bail at an amount she could not afford because of concerns she posed a flight risk.

Under bail reform, judges can hold a person they determine is dangerous without bail. Otherwise, they are supposed to consider what a person could reasonably afford before setting bail.

Hill's lawyers argue because the trial court found Hill was not dangerous, it violated the current bail statute.

A ruling in the case is expected later this year.