N.H. Still Waiting For No Child Left Behind Flexibility

May 20, 2013

The waiver request from No Child Left Behind has been going through drafts and iterations since last August
Credit Sam Evans-Brown / NHPR

New Hampshire will have to wait a little longer for more flexibility from the federal education law No Child Left Behind. The US Department of Education granted three more states waivers today, but New Hampshire was not on the list.

With the addition of Alaska, Hawaii and West Virginia there are now 37 states that the DOE has exempted from many of the requirements of No Child Left Behind. Eight states, including New Hampshire, have waivers pending.

Officials with the New Hampshire Department of Education say that the state is in the final stages of revising its waiver application, and they expect it to be accepted soon, though no final date has been released.

Three states have not requested waivers, and two – including Vermont – asked for flexibility but later withdrew their applications.