N.H. State Rep Arrested, Re-elected On The Same Day

Nov 10, 2016

Dick Marple sits outside Hooksett's polling place during New Hampshire's 2016 primary elections.
Credit Josh Rogers / NHPR

A state representative from Hooksett, Dick Marple, was arrested and re-elected on the same day.

Republican State Rep Dick Marple was sitting outside the Hooksett polling place with his own campaign signs Tuesday morning when a Hooksett police officer recognized him. Marple had an outstanding bench warrant for his arrest because he had not shown up at an October court date.

According to the Hooksett Police Department, Marple drove himself to the police station, where he turned himself in and was placed under arrest.  

Marple’s original charge was for driving without a valid license, a misdemeanor offense from December 2014.

Marple was elected to a fifth term in the House on Tuesday.  He was endorsed by the Liberty party and has sponsored bills to abolish the fluoridation of water; and to charge elected servants with treason if they attempt to infringe on land rights granted during the Revolutionary war.