N.H. Senator Woodburn to Argue Self Defense at Domestic Violence Trial

Sep 28, 2018

Sen. Jeff Woodburn, D-Whitefield, shown here speaking in Concord on Sept. 13, says he will leave his political future up to voters on Nov. 6.
Credit Josh Rogers / NHPR

Court documents filed Thursday indicate state Sen. Jeff Woodburn will argue self-defense in his trial on misdemeanor charges of domestic violence.


According to WMUR, court filings made by Woodburn's attorney claim that any force Woodburn used against the alleged victim was necessary to allow him to leave a volatile situation created by the alleged victim.


The filings also claim the alleged victim, his former partner, repeatedly tried to keep Woodburn from leaving her, including at one point brandishing a knife.


Woodburn also wants the court to produce counseling records of the alleged victim.


The filings say in April 2018, Woodburn and the alleged victim entered relationship counseling.


Woodburn was arrested in August and was charged with nine misdemeanors.


Woodburn, of Whitefield, is running for re-election on Nov. 6. A trial is scheduled for Dec. 17.