N.H. Senate Decision: Whether to Continue Medicaid Expansion

Mar 29, 2016

Under the affordable care act, thirty one states, including New Hampshire, opted to expand this health insurance coverage for low-income people.  Now, the legislature is debating how and whether to extend the program.  The House has said yes, but with some controversial conditions. The Senate votes on Thursday.


  • Jeb Bradley, Majority Leader of the New Hampshire state Senate, Republican from Wolfeboro.  He's spearheaded bi-partisan support for expanded Medicaid coverage in NH.
  • Andy Sanborn, Republican Senator from Bedford
  • Paige Sutherland, NHPR reporter. She's been covering the Statehouse during the Medicaid expansion debate.

We'll also hear from Kimberly Leonard, a health care reporter for the News division at U.S. News.