N.H. Officials: Dilly Cliff Forest Fire Caused by Humans

Dec 8, 2017

New Hampshire fire officials say humans -- not a meteorite -- caused the 75-acre forest fire in the White Mountains this fall. 

The Dilly Cliff fire on the Lost River Gorge Trail in North Woodstock lasted about a month and took more than 100 firefighters to put out. 

The meteorite theory was intriguing, but Steve Sherman, the chief of the state’ Forest Protection Bureau, says the cause was human-related.

Still, he says officials don't know much more about how the fire started. 

“Along a hiking trail like I would feel strongly that a leftover campfire or discarded cigarette could be the cause," Sherman said.

About 95 percent of all fires in New Hampshire are caused by people.

Burned woodlands off the Dilly Cliff, not far from the Appalachian Trail
Credit Sean Hurley/ NHPR