N.H. Loggers, Truckers Meet to Weigh Industry Concerns

Oct 6, 2018

Credit Anderson / SPNHF

New Hampshire's logging industry and the truckers who carry their trees will be in Concord for a big annual convention Saturday.

This year, the event comes on the heels of a major legislative victory. That's the recent revival of a bill to subsidize wood- and waste-fired power plants, at the expense of electric ratepayers.

Jasen Stock heads up the state Timberland Owners Association. He says the convention-goers hope to thank any legislators who attend for their support of the bill, which passed on the narrowest of margins. 

"During the campaign, it's an issue - you're discussing a policy item,” Stock says. “Here, this will be the opportunity to actually meet the individuals for whom that policy item has a direct bearing."

Stock says some log markets have improved since the bill went through. He says there's a sense of optimism ahead of their busy winter season.