N.H. Liquor Commission Reports Record Sales Of Locally Made Wines And Spirits

Feb 26, 2015

Andy Harthcock of Djinn Spirits in Nashua.
Credit Courtesy of NHLC

The New Hampshire Liquor Commission says sales of locally produced wines and spirits reached a record high of $1.35 million. Sales grew by 32.5% over the past fiscal year.

Liquor Commission Chairman Joseph Mollica attributes this growth to prominent product placement in the state’s liquor stores.

“We’re very supportive of them and we appreciate their hard work and dedication to their craft. And we’re happy to promote their products as New Hampshire citizens.”

The Liquor Commission also provides local producers with free warehouse storage.

Local liquor and wine sales had grown by 18% in fiscal year 2013.

New Hampshire has 34 wineries and five distilleries.