N.H. Legislative Roundup: A Look Ahead To 2015

Jan 5, 2015

We sit down with New Hampshire House and Senate leaders to talk about what might be in store this new session. 2015 is a budget year, so expect state spending and revenues to take center stage.  And beyond that, we'll talk about a few of the 800 bill requests have been filed so far, on topics ranging from voter registration to restrictions on drones. 

Credit ahlasny / Flickr/CC


  • Jeb Bradley – Republican Senate Majority Leader from Wolfeboro
  • Gene Chandler – Republican House Deputy Speaker  from Bartlett
  • Steve Shurtleff – Democratic House Minority Leader from Penacook
  • Jeff Woodburn – Democratic Senate Minority Leader from Dalton


  • For general information about goings-on at the Statehouse, check out their homepage.
  • You can also listen live to House & Senate sessions, or listen back to an older session on this page.