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NH Lawmaker Wants More Restrictions on Water Contaminant

Oct 9, 2017

Seacoast lawmakers want to take steps to ensure that a chemical found in water near the Pease International Tradeport doesn't cause problems elsewhere.

The Portsmouth Herald reports that two bills proposed by Democratic state Rep. Mindi Messmer of Rye would add regulations and create limits for so-called PFCs detected in local drinking water.

PFCs are considered possible carcinogens and are found in household items like Teflon.

They have been found in people living near Pease International Tradeport where the city of Portsmouth's Haven well was shut down in 2014 because of contamination. PFCs have also been detected in groundwater and surface water around the shuttered Coakley landfill.

State environmental officials say there's no scientific research to support lowering the drinking water health advisory level for PFCs.