N.H. Law Enforcement Will Get More Money for Drug Interdiction

Jul 11, 2017

Law enforcement in New Hampshire will soon get some help in fighting the state’s drug epidemic. Gov. Chris Sununu signed a bill this week putting $4.5 million towards drug enforcement.

The legislation gives money to the state’s drug lab, the narcotics department and Granite Hammer – a program designed to get drug dealers off the streets. 

There’s also roughly a million dollars to fund five additional drug interdiction troopers to patrol the state’s roads and highways.

Currently there are three to five troopers doing this right now. But Executive Major David Parenteau of the state police says that hasn’t been enough given that most drugs in New Hampshire are driven in from out of state.

“Every drug trafficker that we can stop from coming into this state or disrupting that flow of drugs isn’t going to make it onto the street on the other end,” said Parenteau, stressing that this additional money will help to lower the supply of drugs in New Hampshire. 

Parenteau says his office is looking to hire and train the new troopers as soon as possible.