In N.H., Kasich Says "All Options Are On The Table" For 2016

Mar 24, 2015

Credit josh rogers/nhpr

Ohio Governor John Kasich told an audience at St. Anselm College that true leadership requires listening to opposing views -- and ignoring polls. 

Kasich says that’s the approach he’s taken during his two terms leading Ohio.

“Leaders don’t take polls, ladies and gentlemen. You know I try to tell my colleagues in the legislature. Do your job, if you worry about election or reelection you won’t be doing your job.”

Kasich served in congress from 1982-2001, and later worked as a Fox News host.

In his formal remarks,  he promoted his work closing a state budget gap and cutting taxes.

Kasich also talked up his support for welfare programs.

Afterwards, he told reporters he was "young and inexperienced" when he ran for president in 2000 and not yet ready to make a decision on 2016.

"At this point, I don't know --  and I would not get in this if I didn’t think I could win." 

Kasich’s schedule included private meetings and a town hall-style event sponsored by the Concord Republican Committee.