N.H. Job Market Expected to Grow for Everyone but Teachers

Aug 1, 2017

Credit DTLAexplorer

The New Hampshire job market is expected to keep growing at a modest clip, according to projections released by the New Hampshire Employment Security agency. 

In the next two years, the agency predicts the service industry, healthcare, and administrative jobs will account for much of the growth.

But, as the state gains close to 12,000 jobs overall by the end of 2018, jobs in education will shrink, a trend most likely explained by New Hampshire’s aging population. Fewer young children means fewer elementary school teachers, says Michael Argiropolis, who worked on these projections.

“On the other hand, you’ll see industries such as healthcare increasing significantly, because of the need to provide healthcare services to an aging population.”

Some of the fastest-growing occupations include nurses, restaurant workers, and web developers. Argiropolis’s career advice to young people? Take math classes.