N.H. House Votes Down Tax Credit for 'Recovery Friendly Workplace' Program

Apr 5, 2018

Local business and drug recovery leaders packed the Executive Council chambers late last month for the national launch of Governor Chris Sununu's Recovery Friendly Workplace initiative.
Credit Britta Greene / New Hampshire Public Radio

The New Hampshire House of Representatives dealt a blow Thursday to one of Governor Chris Sununu’s key priorities on the opioid front, the Recovery Friendly Workplace initiative.

The effort aims to link the private sector to the drug crisis by helping businesses better attract and retain people in recovery.

Sununu's office had been pushing a bill this session to create tax credits to reward businesses that invest in ‘recovery-friendly’ training programs.

It passed the Senate earlier this year, but lawmakers in the house voted to send it for further study, effectively killing the effort.

“It’s unfortunate because I think we need to pursue a lot of different strategies to try to stem opioid crisis,” said Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, one of bill’s sponsors. “I salute the Governor for having led on this bill. Unfortunately, not everything gets through.”