N.H. House Committee Moves Forward Bill That Would Allow Medical Marijuana Patients To Grow At Home

Feb 26, 2019

A New Hampshire House subcommittee today voted unanimously to support a bill that would allow medical marijuana patients to grow their own cannabis.

The bill would make it legal for qualified patients and caregivers to cultivate three mature plants and twelve seedlings, provided they're secured with a lock or other security device.

There are currently four dispensaries in the state, where patients can purchase cannabis products for therapeutic use.

But Heather Marie Brown, who uses marijuana to treat chronic pain and PTSD, says she has to travel over an hour to the closest location. And she says she can spend almost $400 a month purchasing an ounce of marijuana.

“The substantial amount in money that I would be saving is phenomenal, from my standpoint,” Brown says. “I have to make a choice each month between whether or not I want to walk or whether or not I pay my electric bill.”

The same committee chose not to recommend two other bills that would broaden the medical conditions that qualify for therapeutic cannabis use. The New Hampshire House is slated to vote on the legalization of recreational marijuana later this week.