N.H. High School And College Students Join Get Out The Vote Efforts

Nov 5, 2018

High school students in Claremont are using Snapchat to remind fellow students to vote

Volunteers from both parties are working to get high school and college-age voters to the polls on Tuesday.

High schools tend to host voter registration drives in the spring, when more seniors have turned eighteen, but some schools are making sure eligible high schoolers are ready to vote tomorrow.

Prescott Herzog, sophomore at Stevens High School in Claremont and president of High School Democrats of America, says his group of high school Democrats is working to ensure all 18-year olds at the school, regardless of their politics, head to the polls.

"We're talking to them through social media, through snapchat, we sent out emails, some announcements on the school announcements in the morning, but just making working one-on-one on connections and making sure they realize their vote really does matter.”

And on college campuses, College Republicans and Democrats are making sure students have the right documents for voting day, and making plans to drive students to the polls.