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N.H. Gun Maker Sued By State of New Jersey Over Defective Guns

May 19, 2017

Credit Todd Bookman/NHPR

Newington-based gun manufacturer Sig Sauer is being sued by the State of New Jersey over claims it breached a contract with their State Police.

According to court filings, the NJ State Police purchased 3,000 Sig Sauer P229 handguns for a total cost of $1.7 million. When those weapons were delivered in 2014, many of the guns malfunctioned by not ejecting spent shell casings.

Over the next two years, Sig attempted various fixes and installed new parts, according to the filings.  When that didn’t work, the New Hampshire company agreed to provide new guns, but then failed to deliver them by an agreed upon deadline.

In a court filing, the NJ State Police argue many of those news guns still didn’t function properly. On February 1st, 2016, the State Police returned all the Sig Sauer weapons.

The NJ Attorney General has filed a breach of contract complaint, seeking a refund of $1.7 million, along with nearly $900,000 to cover the cost of holsters purchased through a different company.

The suit was filed in Mercer County Superior Court in New Jersey. Sig Sauer did not respond to a request for comment.