N.H. GOP Chair: Despite Past Criticism, No Reservations About Trump

Jul 20, 2016

Jennifer Horn
Credit Kelli True / NHPR

Before the New Hampshire Primary, state Republican Party Chairwoman Jennifer Horn was outspoken in her criticism of Donald Trump, calling his comments about women "disrespectful" and his remark about Sen. John McCain not being a war hero "disgraceful."

She also called his proposed ban on foreign Muslims "un-American."

Now, Horn says she has no reservations about Trump, who Tuesday night became the Republican presidential nominee once the delegates cast their votes.

"Hillary Clinton is a failed, corrupt, dishonest leader who cannot be trusted in the presidency," Horn said during an interview with NHPR's Morning Edition.

Horn said the American people have a choice: Clinton, "or it can be a new direction and a new opportunity for America to fulfill her potential."

Horn is among the Republican delegates in Cleveland this week for the Republican National Convention. Trump is set to formally accept the party's nomination.

In December, Horn faced heavy criticism from Trump supporters for her comments. A petition sought to remove her from her post, accusing her of violating the neutral position the state party chair is required to maintain.

But Horn says she's moving on and the party is uniting.

"There is a lot of excitement in our party right now moving forward," Horn said. "We feel we're very well positioned to make the argument, as Chris Christie said last night, to prosecute the case against Hillary Clinton."

Even after clinching the nomination, not everyone among the N.H. GOP delegation is sold on Trump. Former U.S. Senator Gordon Humphrey, a critic of Trump, reportedly told Horn he's leaving the party and will register as a independent.

"New Hampshire is known for our independent spirit and we have a lot of very passionate folks in our party," she said. "Senator Humphrey is a good man who stands on strong principles in everything he does. I respect the fact that our nominee has some work to do. He's going to have to get out there and win over voters across this country."