N.H. Fish and Game Sells Lifetime Licenses to Newborns

Jul 23, 2015

Credit via New Hampshire Fish and Game website

New Hampshire Fish and Game is now selling combined lifetime hunting and fishing licenses for newborns.

The licenses can be used once the child is sixteen years old.

Maine and Vermont already offer similar deals. New Hampshire Fish and Game reports it has been getting calls over the past few years asking for them in the Granite State.

The licenses would bring in revenue to the department, but Fish and Game’s Evan Mulholland says it’s also about passing on the state’s hunting and fishing tradition to the next generation.

“When this child hits sixteen,” Mulholland says. “He’s going to want to go hunting and fishing, hopefully. And he’s going to invite his friends and relatives and they’re going to also end up buying hunting and fishing licenses and carrying on the tradition.”

Fish and Game started selling the licenses July 1, after Governor Hassan signed SB 183 into law in May.

The licenses are for sale at Fish and Game’s Concord headquarters or by mail. The child must be under one year of age and be a resident of New Hampshire to qualify. The total cost of the license is just over $300.