N.H. Elections 2014 Blog: From Early-Morning Voters To Late-Night Results

Nov 4, 2014

A play-by-play of election day, from early morning voters to late-night results. 

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11:59 PM

Democratic incumbent Senator Jeanne Shaheen gives victory speech at her Manchester campaign headquarters. Listen to her speech here:

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11:49 PM

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Scott Brown concedes race to incumbent Jeanne Shaheen. Listen to the speech here:

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Scott Brown gives concession speech at his Manchester campaign headquartersCredit Logan Shannon for NHPREdit | Remove


11:28 PM

Democratic Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter concedes the CD1 race to GOP challenger and former US Rep. Frank Guinta. Listen to her speech here:

Audio FileCarol Shea-Porter concedes to Frank Guinta in the CD2 Congressional raceEdit | Remove


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11:20 PM

The crowd at Frank Guinta's Manchester headquarters gathers behind a TV live shot chanting "Go Frank, Go!"

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11:10 PM

Republican CD2 candidate Marilinda Garcia gives concession speech at her Nashua campaign headquarters. Listen to her speech here:

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11:06 PM

Republicans appear to have picked up at least one seat in the New Hampshire Senate. According to the Associated Press, with 100% of precincts in, former state Rep. Kevin Avard leads incumbent Democrat Peggy Gilmour 50.8-49.2 percent. Avard has 10,829 votes to Gilmour’s 10,506.

Gilmour was first elected in 2008, lost in 2010 to Jim Luther, then beat Luther to return to the Statehouse in 2012.

11:02 PM

Democratic incumbent Ann McLane-Kuster gives her victory speech at her campaign headquarters in Concord. Audio of her speech is here (the beginning of the speech is cut off, we will upload corrected audio when we can):

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10:54 PM

Video of Scott Brown supporters making a lot of noise for their candidate. Sam Evans-Brown reports that campaign believes media may have jumped the gun in calling the race for Jeanne Shaheen.

10:45 PM

The Associated Press has called New Hampshire’s 2nd District Congressional race for incumbent Rep. Anne Kuster. With 70 percent of the vote in Kuster, has a more than 13,000 vote lead. 

10:40 PM

GOP strategist and former state Republican party chair Fergus Cullen  says supporters of Scott Brown are staying resilient, despite the race having been called for incumbent Jeanne Shaheen by many outlets, including NHPR.

Cullen says Brown supporters are "remembering 1996," when the media had all but called the US Senate race for Dick Swett, before late returns swung the race for Bob Smith.

10:35 PM

Here’s an update on state Senate races we’re watching:

New Hampshire's state senate chambersCredit Marc Nozell via Flickr CCEdit | Remove


Final results are in for District 18, where Democrat Sen. Donna Soucy has been re-elected, beating challenger George Lambert 53-47 percent, and District 19, where Republican Regina Birdsell beat Kristi St. Laurent, 61-39 percent, to win the seat vacated by retiring Republican Jim Rausch.

The District 7 race between Democrat incumbent Andrew Hosmer, who won his first term by some 5,000 votes in 2012, and former state Rep. Kathy Lauer-Rago is neck-in-neck. With 35 percent of precincts reporting, Lauer-Rago leads 50.1-49.9 percent.

Republican Jerry Little is leading the District 8 race to replace retiring Sen. Bob Odell. Little has a 55-45 percent lead over Democrat Linda Tanner with 58 percent of the precincts reporting.

In a rematch of the 2012 contest, District 9 incumbent Andy Sanborn, a Republican, leads challenger Lee Nyquist, 52-48 percent.

In District 12, Democratic incumbent Peggy Gilmour trails former state Rep. Kevin Avard 52-48 percent, with 67 percent of precincts reporting.

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10:14 PM

Emily Corwin speaks with State Senator Martha Fuller Clark at Carol Shea-Porter's Portsmouth headquarters.

Take a listen to what she had to say about the balance of power in the N.H. Statehouse:

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9:49 PM

Maggie Hassan gives her victory speech at her campaign headquarters in Manchester. Listen to it here:

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Governor Maggie Hassan has been elected to a second term.Credit Maureen McMurray for NHPREdit | Remove


9:45 PM

Republican Candidate Walt Havenstein concedes the N.H. Gubernatorial race to incumbent Maggie Hassan.

Listen to his concession speech:

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9:30 PM

NHPR's Senior Political Reporter Josh Rogers interviews N.H. Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley. 

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9:23 PM

The Associated Press has called the US Senate race in New Hampshire for incumbent Jeanne Shaheen. 

9:11 PM

Live inside NHPR's Studio B for our Election Night 2014 coverage. 

Left to right: Laura Knoy, Adam Schibley, Dante Scala and Ken Rudin.

Credit Faith Meixell for NHPREdit | Remove


9:04 PM

Emily Corwin talks with incumbent Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter at the campaign's headquarters in Portsmouth.

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8:56 PM

Results are starting to come in for the New Hampshire state senate races.

Credit NHPR StaffEdit | Remove


In a rematch of the 2012 contest, incumbent Republican Sen. Sam Cataldo is leading challenger Richard Leonard, 57.5 – 42.5 percent, with 9 percent of the vote in. Cataldo won by just 500 votes two years ago.

In the District 16 state race, Republican incumbent Sen. David Boutin leads Democratic challenger Maureen Raiche Manning, 53-47 percent, with 71 percent of the vote in. Boutin faced a primary challenge from the right after voting for Medicaid expansion and to increase the state’s gas tax.

With 67 percent of the vote in, District 18 incumbent Donna Soucy, a Democrat, leads George Lambert, 55-45 percent, and Dan Feltes, a Democrat, has a comfortable lead over Lydia Harman for the District 15 seat vacated by retiring Sen. Sylvia Larsen.

8:51 PM

The AP calls the N.H. Governor's race for Maggie Hassan.

8:44 PM

Supporters of Caron Shea-Porter wait for the candidate to finish a television interview. The incumbent's campaign headquarters is in Portsmouth.

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8:38 PM

Some of Annie Kuster's youngest supporters check out some early returns.

Pictured left to right: Fiona Elliot, 9, Evan Crandlemire, 9, Tucker McPartlin, 9 and Henry Elliot, 6.

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Credit Maureen McMurray for NHPREdit | Remove


8:34 PM

Supporter Rachel Farrell of Henniker at the Shaheen- Hassan campaign headquarters in Manchester.

Both candidates are at the Puritan Backroom, where supporters have gathered since the polls closed at 8 PM.

8:30 PM

Kuster campaign volunteers Carol Delbridge, Carol Burney, and Wayne Jaquith watch the early national returns come in.

Credit Melanie Plenda for NHPREdit | Remove


Staffers from the Guinta campaign monitor returns at campaign headquarters in Manchester.

Guinta staffers monitor returns.Credit Sara Plourde for NHPREdit | Remove


8:26 PM

Dante Scala: The town of Bow has gone to all Democrats at the top of the ticket. Hassan, Shaheen and Kuster have taken the races there.

8:20 PM

Paul O'Connor and NHPR's Emily CorwinCredit Zach Nugent for NHPREdit | Remove


According to Dante Scala, Frank Guinta, Shea-Porter's opponent in the CD1 race, has lost his home ward in Manchester to the incumbent Congresswoman.

NHPR's Emily Corwin talks with Paul O'Connor, Shipyard Union President, at Carol Shea-Porter's headquarters in Portsmouth.

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8:11 PM

Frank Guinta and Carol Shea-Porter are running close in New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District – Guinta leading 52 – 48 percent with 12 percent of precincts reporting.

In the 2nd District House race, incumbent Ann Kuster leads Marilinda Garcia, with more than 65 percent of the vote with 6 percent of precincts reporting.

8:06 PM

With 8 percent of precincts reporting, incumbent Gov. Maggie Hassan is leading Republican candidate Walt Havenstein with almost 57 percent of the vote.

Lenore and Gary Patton, supporters of Maggie Hassan. At election HQ in ManchesterCredit Sheryl Rich-Kern for NHPREdit | Remove


Supporters of Hassan are gathering at the Puritan Backroom in Manchester, Hassan's headquarters for the evening. 

78 year-old Leonore Patton from Hampton has been volunteering on campaigns for 40 years. She says, “The older we get, the more we work. We make phone calls, canvas, provide volunteers and staff with food and drink.” She is pictured here with her husband Gary.

7:58 PM

AP: Incumbent Executive Councilors Colin Van Ostern (District 2) and Chris Pappas (District 4) appear to be cruising.

Van Ostern leads Republican Timothy Dillon, 65 percent to 35, with 10 percent of precincts reported; Pappas leads GOP challenger Robert Burns 59 percent to 41 percent with 33 percent of precincts reporting.

7:56 PM

Scott Brown's daughter Ayla sings the National Anthem at Brown headquarters in Manchester.

Ayla Brown sings at Brown HQ in Manchester. Election night, 2014Credit Logan Shannon for NHPREdit | Remove


7:51 PM

AP: With 8 of 10 wards reporting, Shaheen leads Brown in Concord with more than 67 percent of the vote.

Credit Sara Plourde for NHPREdit | Remove


7:43 PM

Frank Guinta and his family arrive at Guinta's campaign headquarters in Manchester. 

7:36 PM

First U.S. Senate results from the AP has Democratic incumbent Sen. Jeanne Shaheen leading Scott Brown 2,142-1,857 – 53.6 percent to 46.4. 

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The NHPR team at Garcia headquarters on Election Night, 2014
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7:25 PM

NHPR's reporters and producers will be reporting from campaign headquarters around the state througout the evening. Here, Political Reporter Fred Bever sets up his equipment at Marilinda Garcia's camp in Nashua.

7:15 PM

NHPR photo contributor Allegra Boverman stopped by the polls at Windham High School. Town Moderator Peter J. Griffin, center, talks with a representative from the N.H. Secretary of State office. He also visited Hampstead Middle School's voting location later in the day.

Windham Town Moderator Peter J. Griffin, center, talks with a representative from the Secretary of State's office.Credit Allegra Boverman for NHPREdit | Remove


6:57 PM

NHPR's production table at the Scott Brown - Walt Havenstein headquarters in Manchester.

Credit Logan Shannon for NHPREdit | Remove


6:52 PM

NHPR's Digital Journalist Brian Wallstin is keeping an eye on Twitter just before the polls close. He tweets as @Wallstin.

6:01 PM

Secretary of State Bill Gardner in 2011Credit AP PhotoEdit | Remove


"It's like 2010." Secretary of State Bill Gardner talks to Laura Knoy about today's higher than expected voter turnout, and concerns in a couple of New Hampshire towns about running about of ballots.

Click play to listen:

Audio FileBill Gardner talks to Laura Knoy on Election Day, 2014Edit | Remove


4:13 PM

Hopkinton Selectwoman Sara Persechino tweeted about her town's high turnout:


4:01 PM

Londonderry Town Manager Kevin Smith tweeted about the town's voter turnout:

3:36 PM

Listen to Bedford voter Kevin Murray talk about why he didn't vote a straight ticket this election: "I looked at each candidate and voted what was best for me and my family."

Audio FileVoter Kevin Murray of Bedford, N.H.Edit | Remove


Credit Emily Corwin for NHPREdit | Remove


2:56 PM

Seacoast reporter Emily Corwin is on the UNH campus in Durham where students are manning a table in support of Democrats - including potential 2016 candidate Hillary Clinton. 

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2:47 PM

Gail Ferraro, Independent, voted Republican this election. Her husband Frank is running for state rep in Exeter. He is a Republican.

Gail Ferraro in ExeterCredit Emily Corwin for NHPREdit | Remove


2:42 PM

Listen to Bow voter Todd Smith talk about why he voted a straight Republican ticket: "This state is becoming more like Massachusetts."

Audio FileBow voter Todd SmithEdit | Remove


2:34 PM

Turnout has been outstanding, we're way up from 2010, which was the last midterm as we're having today. This year we've had 2006 voters as compared to 1,766 we had at the same time in 2010. - Bow Selectman Eric AndersonEdit | Remove


Some early reports suggest that turnout could wind up substantially higher than expected this year. In Bow, selectman Eric Anderson says there’s been much higher traffic than he expected.

"Turnout has been outstanding, we’re way up from 2010, which was the last midterm as we’re having today. This year we’ve had 2006 voters as compared to 1,766 we had at the same time in 2010."

That’s nearly 14 percent higher than 2010 in that one town. Richardson says absentee ballots are also up.

2:04 PM

NHPR's Fred Bever is in Bedford, where turnout looks high given midday foot traffic into the polls.

Voters walk into Bedford High SchoolCredit Fred Bever for NHPREdit | Remove


Meanwhile, Sam Evans-Brown tweeted reports of a healthy turnout in Bow:

1:40 PM

Photojournalist Allegra Boverman is traveling the state taking photos and talking with workers and voters at the polls. In Windham, officials told her that turnout was solid for midday, already at 25% of registered voters. This photo shows a line of voters waiting to have their ballots processed.

Election Day at Windham High School in Windham. Windham Town Selectmen Ross McLeod, left, and Roger Hohenberger, second from left, work at the ballot boxes.Credit Allegra Boverman for NHPREdit | Remove


1:21 PM

NHPR's Sheryl Rich-Kern spoke to voters at Ward 3 in Nashua, including Angela Duncan, who talked about what was behind her votes today:

Issues that are important to me are the minimum wage - we need to raise it, keeping Obamacare, and the Senate staying in control for the Democrats.Edit | Remove


Nashua's Brian Courville explained why he voted for the Republican candidate for US Senate:

I'm voting for Scott Brown. It's a vote against Obama.Edit | Remove


1:04 PM

Earlier today, candidates began tweeting out photos of themselves voting and visiting polling places in New Hampshire. Here's a snapshot from the top of the ticket:

Candidates for US Senate, NH Governor, and NH's US House seats tweet out their voting and poll pictures on Election Day, 2014Credit Rebecca Lavoie for NHPREdit | Remove


12:14 PM

Leslie Taggart-Williams and her son Miles in Londonderry. Election day, 2014Credit Michael Brindley/NHPREdit | Remove


Leslie Taggart-Williams voted with her son Miles in Londonderry this morning, and said her biggest issues were reproductive rights for women and equal pay.

She also said she wasn’t as bothered by the negative ads as others were.

“I see why people are upset about the negative ads. I don’t love the negative ads, but at the same time, people lie on the positive ads. They serve a slight purpose as long as they’re the truth. I want to know to know the truth, and if it’s negative, I still want to know the truth.”

Leslie also talked about what's behind her election day choices.

“It’s so important to vote. I’m honored to vote and I think we need to get more women into the government. I’m supporting Jeanne (Shaheen) and Maggie (Hassan) and all the other women today.”

12:11 PM

NHPR reporters are talking with voters around the state. Sam Evans-Brown tweeted from a new polling location in Concord's Ward 4.

11:52 PM

Political Junkie Ken Rudin arrives in NHPR's newsroom, triggering a flurry of staff social posts. 

11:45 PM

NHPR's Chris Jensen spoke to Colebrook voter Samuel Bird, who says he concerned about the amount of negativity between Democrats and Republicans. 

Everything is for the party. It's not for the country. I know a lot of people feel that way and that's why the system just isn't working. But I still come out and vote. - Samuel Bird in ColebrookEdit | Remove


11:27 AM

Chris Wood drove out to Portsmouth from Concord to support his friend Phil Nazzaro, Republican candidate for NH Senate vying for Martha Fuller Clark's seat on the Seacoast.

Credit Emily Corwin for NHPREdit | Remove


 11:20 AM

At Concord's Ward 10, State Senate candidate Dan Feltes (second from left) poses with Ken Roos, Peter Bartlett, Concord school board candidate Alana Kimball, Caia Kimball, NH House candidate Cynthia Bartlett, and Concord Mayor Jim Bouley. 

(From L to R) Ken Roos, Dan Feltes, Peter Bartlett, Alana Kimball, Caia Kimball, Cynthia Bartlett and Concord Mayor Jim Bouley.Credit Jack Rodolico for NHPREdit | Remove


11:12 AM

Political Junkie Ken Rudin: Odds Say GOP Takes Senate, But Wild Cards Remain.

Ken's tabulation has the N.H. Senate race "Likely/Leaning Democratic" along with Michigan and North Carolina. 

Ken Rudin will be on our air providing insight and analysis tonight. 

10:46 AM

Hopkinton (Contoocook) Town Clerk Chuck Gengel says turnout is strong at the polls this morning. As of 10 AM, there were 4525 registered voters on the rolls, with more than 800 casting votes this morning.

Chuck Gangel at Hopkinton High School. November 4, 2014Credit Rebecca Lavoie for NHPREdit | Remove


9:06 AM

8: 37 AM

We will continue to embed tweets from our reporters in the field throughout the day. Have a photo you'd like to share? Tweet it to us at @NHPR


8:24 AM


8:22 AM

The hashtag #NHPolitics is trending today. See the latest tweets using the hashtag here:

Sign taped to the front window of The Works bagel shop in Concord.Credit Brady Carlson/NHPREdit | Remove


 7:43 AM 

Polls are open in New Hampshire. For key facts about today's election, links to polling places and other resources, click here.