As N.H. Ed-Funding Lawsuit Grows, Judge Aims for Ruling in June

Apr 30, 2019

Credit / Flickr/Creative Commons

A Cheshire County judge has dismissed an emergency request from the state to strike down part of an ongoing lawsuit over how New Hampshire funds public education.

The lawsuit - brought by the ConVal and Winchester school districts in March - says the state is not fulfilling its constitutional obligation to fund an adequate education, and that it needs to triple the amount of money it sends to districts.

Earlier this month, the Mascenic and Monadnock school districts joined the lawsuit, also asking for millions more in school aid.

In an emergency motion filed last week, the state said the addition of these districts changed the lawsuit and was "an eleventh-hour change in legal theory."

On Monday, Judge David Ruoff dismissed the state's motion, saying that the legal arguments of the case remain the same, and that the case will proceed. 

He plans to issue a final ruling on the case and potential payments in June.