N.H. Delegates Say Ryan's Plan To Overhaul Medicare Is An Asset

Aug 30, 2012

New Hampshire delegates at the Republican National Convention in Florida say Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan's plan to overhaul Medicare is an asset.

If there was ever any question whether Congressman Paul Ryan is beloved by the Republican base, doubts were put to rest last evening.

But Ryan brings some baggage to the ticket. He offered a controversial budget that would turn Medicare into a voucher program. The Romney Camp has already said that while the former governor supports Ryan's budget he would have offered a different one. But Jim Magerkin of Derry, New Hampshire says he supports Ryan's proposal because it’s honest about the state of entitlements.

“It’s time that people learned the truth, understood the truth and understood what’s coming. And it can’t be sugar coated anymore and I think Mr. Ryan’s going to be able to bring that forward and put together a good story as to the fact that his plan is a good plan, it’s a solid plan and it’s where you’re going to have to go in the future.”

The Obama Campaign is trying to use Ryan's budget to attract support from seniors - a group that could decide this year's contest.