N.H. Debates New Eligibility Formula For Government Assistance

Apr 9, 2017

For conservatives, the idea makes common sense: Require people who receive government assistance, such as food stamps, to hold a job or engage in community service.  Opponents, however, say this ignores challenges facing a population already weighed down by poverty. A bill in the Senate, SB7, would change income eligibility for food stamps, and includes some work requirements.  Opponents say it would exclude thousands of Granite Staters in need of assistance, but supporters argue it focuses on those truly in need.  


  • Senator Jeb Bradley - Republican State Senator from Wolfeboro, and sponsor of a bill that changes eligibility requirements for food stamps. Bradley is the Senate Majority Leader.
  • Senator Dan Feltes - Democratic State Senator from Concord. 
  • Marybeth Mattingly - Director of Research on Vulnerable Families at the Carsey School of Public Policy at UNH.
  • Greg Moore - New Hampshire Director of Americans for Prosperity.