N.H. Debates an Increase to Its Minimum Wage, Lowest in New England

Jan 26, 2016

Several bills address the minimum wage this legislative season, including one to increase it gradually and exclude workers under age eighteen – a provision some say could bolster bipartisan support. But concerns remain about unintended consequences, especially among small businesses owners.


  • Rep. Ed Butler, Democrat from Harts Location, and sponsor of a bill that would raise the minimum wage gradually. He is also the owner of the Notchland Inn in Harts Location.
  • Sen. Andy Sanborn, Republican from Bedford and owner of the Draft Restaurant in Concord.
  • Bob Sanders, staff writer for the New Hampshire Business Review.

Also joining us is Rep. Jackie Cilley, a Democrat from Barrington. She has proposed several wage-related bills, including one that would increase the minimum wage of tipped workers.