N.H. to Conduct Large Private Well Sampling for Contaminants

Jul 30, 2019


Salt, radon, metals, and pesticides are among the 250 contaminants the N.H. DES will test for in the next year.
Credit N.H. DES

The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services is conducting its most extensive sampling of private wells in the state's history.

Over the next year, DES will sample 500 pre-selected wells for hundreds of contaminants with the goal of understanding overall water quality in private wells across the state.

DES will test for everything from bacteria and metals to PFAS chemicals, which have been linked to health problems.

In addition to testing wells, the DES will partner with the Public Health Laboratories at the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services to test for chemicals in participants' urine and blood.


The study is paid for by the Drinking Water and Groundwater Trust Fund, which the state established after winning a lawsuit over water contamination in 2016.