N.H. Coastal Climate Summit Focuses on Rising Sea Level | New Hampshire Public Radio

N.H. Coastal Climate Summit Focuses on Rising Sea Level

Jun 20, 2018

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Deb Bourbeau owns a home in Hampton Beach, and each morning, she checks how high the tides will be. Flooding's been an issue for her and her neighbors.

It's one reason she turned out for the New Hampshire Coastal Climate Summit on Wednesday.

Researchers and community members attended the summit at the Hugh Gregg Coastal Conservation Center in Greenland to learn more about steps towns can take to limit the impact of sea level rise and flooding. Discussion, which was faciliated by the New Hampshire Coastal Adaptation Workgroup, included things like updating municipal master plans and adopting strategies for coastal resiliency.

"I'm amazed to know that by year 2050 the flooding is going to be a lot higher than what we're used to currently,” Bourbeau said. “And that by 2100 we could be having these type of floods every other day."

Bourbeau plans on being involved with a study Hampton's doing on flooding.

Researchers also discussed how sea level rise affects roads, groundwater, and shorelines.