N.H. Budget Negotiators Agree on New Psych Unit, But Differences Remain

Jun 18, 2019

Credit josh rogers /nhpr

House negotiators now back the Senate’s plan to spend $17.5 million to build a 25-bed facility on the grounds of New Hampshire Hospital.

Governor Chris Sununu proposed building a new 60-bed unit in his budget; which the House, citing lack of detail, rejected.

Meanwhile, the Senate agreed with a House plan to move children out of a wing at New Hampshire Hospital, to make room for as many as 48 new beds for adults.

Cooperation was less apparent when it came to the capital gains tax the House wants to enact to help fund schools.  Senate Finance Chairman Lou D’Allesandro told the House firmly, “we reject it.”

Governor Sununu has said he’ll reject a budget that raises state taxes.

But legislative negotiators plan to reverse business tax cuts scheduled to take effect next year.

The move is expected to boost state tax collection by close to $100 million over the next two years but could put the budget at risk of a veto.

Negotiators are scheduled to complete their work on the budget Thursday.

The full legislature is slated to vote on what’s expected to be a $13 billion package next week.