Newfound Lake Group Opposes Grafton Wind Project

Nov 23, 2012

A Newfound Lake group has come out in opposition to the proposed wind farm
Credit Mark Seymour / Flickr Creative Commons

The Newfound Lake Region Association is adding its voice to those opposing a new wind farm. As proposed, the Wild Meadows Wind Power Project would include 37 turbines spaced out over six-thousand acres leased in Alexandria, Danbury, and Grafton.  At the blades’ peak, the towers would be 400-feet tall. 

The New Hampshire Union-Leader reports among the group’s concerns is the project’s visual impact on the landscape.  Paul Copleman is with Spanish-owned Iberdrola Renewables, the company behind the project.

“None of the turbine locations are necessarily set in stone.  But the nearest turbine is over four miles away from the lake," Copleman says.  "This is a project that due to topography, due to the distance of the turbines from the lake and from each other, will actually be pretty difficult to see from most parts of the lake.”

The Newfound Lake Region Association didn’t immediately return messages requesting comment.   After the story aired, Executive Director Boyd Smith contacted NHPR.  He noted the process of permitting the proposed wind project is a long one, and the organization is examining its options in light of its mission.