A New Tactic For Northern Pass Opponents: Boycott Montreal

Oct 24, 2012

A prominent Canadian environmentalist says opposition to the Northern Pass project has not generated widespread coverage in Canada. The head of the Sierra Club Canada spoke at Plymouth State University Tuesday night.

NHPR’s Chris Jensen reports.

John Bennett, the executive director of the Sierra Club Canada, disappointed a group of about 100 Northern Pass opponents when he told them their efforts have received little media attention in Canada.

“It may be showing up in some of the Quebec press but it is not showing up in the national press in Canada.”

Asked for advice, Bennett – who has long fought Hydro-Quebec  projects in Canada - paused and then offered an idea: A tourism boycott of Montreal.

“Don’t go there for the holidays. Don’t go there to shop. That will get their attention.”

He also suggested how to frame the argument.

“You want the right of self-determination in New Hampshire. You want to determine what kind of industry and what kind of things happen in New Hampshire just like they want to determine what kinds of things happen in Quebec.”

Bennett also recommended that opponents try to influence consumers who might be getting the electricity from Canada and hold news conferences in cities including Boston.

For NHPR News this is Chris Jensen