New State Liquor Stores Coming To N.H. Highway Rest Stop | New Hampshire Public Radio

New State Liquor Stores Coming To N.H. Highway Rest Stop

Nov 14, 2019

The N.H. Liquor Commission says it is going to build new stores along Interstate 95, aiming to capitalize on the highway’s steady stream of motorists.

The current red barn-like structure on the southbound side of the highway opened in 1981. Fifteen years later, the Liquor Commission built a companion in the northbound lanes.

Both stores have been gold mines ever since, with the northbound store becoming the biggest-grossing outlet in the state, while the southbound store ranks fourth.

Last year, the two stores generated a combined $54 million in sales, a significant portion of which came from out-of-state customers. 

The Liquor Commission announced Thursday that it plans to freshen up the sites with new buildings, along with additional retail, including food options and gas pumps, similar to the plazas on Interstate 93 in Hooksett.

The agency says it will partner with a private developer on the project, and plans to release more information in the coming weeks.