With New Rule, N.H. DMV Lifts Temporary Ban On New Vanity Plates

Jul 14, 2014

New Hampshire drivers can once again get new vanity plates, now that the state's Division of Motor Vehicles has put into place a new rule guiding which plates it will reject.

The state had put a temporary halt on issuing vanity plates, following a state Supreme Court ruling in May found the DMV’s old rule barring plates that may be offensive was too vague.

The new rule is more specific.

For example, the state will now reject vanity plates that contain profanity, references to violence, or illegal activity.

DMV spokesman Michael Todd says officials will now go through the roughly 2,000 vanity plate applications that came in over the past few weeks.

“Individuals who have applications in will now be able to take their application – I’m sorry, their acceptance letter – their old license plate to the local DMV substation and turn those things in and begin the process to receive a vanity plate.”

He says the DMV hopes to get through the backlog in the next 60 days.

Vanity plates that had been previously approved will be subject to the DMV’s new rule.