New Keene Mosque Holds Ramadan Celebration

May 30, 2018

Credit Britta Greene / New Hampshire Public Radio

Members of a new mosque in Keene will gather with local community leaders tonight for a Ramadan celebration.

Will Coley moved to Keene from Tennessee to launch the mosque last year. It's the only one in the state's Monadnock region.

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He says the gathering, which will mark the daily breaking of the fast for Ramadan, is a chance for people to get to know his fellow worshippers, and to raise awareness about Ramadan and Muslims in the region.

"We're a new mosque... we're a new community. This will be the first time some of these people will get to meet anyone in our community besides me," Coley says.

Coley expects some city councilors and state legislators will be there, as well as other local faith leaders.