New Hampshire's Low Unemployment Rate Could Make It Hard For Employers To Fill Vacancies

Feb 29, 2016

Credit Kandy Jaxx / Flickr

  The state is set to release its latest unemployment figures. 

In December the state's seasonally adjusted jobless rate stood at 3.1 percent, which economist Russ Thibeault of Applied Economic Research in Laconia says is close to full employment.

He says the state's challenge this year will be finding workers to fill vacancies.

"We've been averaging job growth of around 5 ,000-7,000 jobs on a year over year basis," Thibeault says. "That's a moderate pace but it's been sustainable. The question is, can we continue to add jobs when our unemployment rate is as low as it is now?"

New Hampshire's jobless rate remains below the national average, which fell to 4.9 percent in January.